Triumph lingerie embodies glamour and comfort. It has revolutionized women’s lingerie since more than a century. The collection’s design is cut and sewn using elegant material and lines. The brand magnifies pure feminine sensuality.


Sloggi is highly appreciated in the world. Since 1979, Sloggi has sold more than 1 billion units. Here are some interesting facts about Sloggi and their mens’ apparel. If each box of underwear is placed side by side, all the boxes would cover 12 billion kms or a diameter of the Earth. Another amazing fact: cotton can be produced the same length as a football field and every 84 minutes. All the elastic rubans used can be wrapped around the Earth 750 times. Even better: every 60 minutes a piece of thread can span 812,000 kms. This is equal to a trip to the moon and back ! Sloggi’s incredible figures make it an important brand.

The Triumph boutique in Roppenheim offers the Triumph and Sloggi (previous season) collections at a minimum discount of 30% all year.

+33 3 88 54 34 71

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