La Fiancée du Mekong is a brand you wear that makes you feel alive. Its colorful universe and flowery prints come in a whole range of clothing, accessories and decorative objects. The birth of La Fiancée du Mekong was for its creator Pascale Mordret, love at first sight for Asia, it takes its inspiration from her various trips: a pattern, a sculpture, an arabesque become a print on a cotton voile tunic! The Fiancée du Mekong has an assertive and recognizable personality. It projects its happy and sparkling style without any complex. It likes to make an impression! Embroided bags, stoles, dresses, hats, jewellery, La Fiancée du Mekong is a real invitation for a trip which also carries on in the universe of the Home.

+33 3 88 09 90 96

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