Discover the new store ETAM at Roppenheim The Style Outlets 

Etam. Here for you, in all of your lives ​
and for all your desires. (R)evolving around you! ​
From your first bra. ​

Whether you’re feeling invincible, doubting yourself, super sexy, really not in the mood, on the go, or on a go-slow. ​

Here to boost your confidence. To embrace life, ​
fulfil your dreams, and break records. Dare to achieve. ​
Celebrate small as well as big victories. ​

Here to make you feel free.​
Free to be who you are, or someone else if you fancy it!​
Determined to grow into who you’ll become. ​
Freedom, for both the body and mind. ​

Here to share much more than lingerie. ​
A mindset. A philosophy for life.​

Free to be yourself, ​
because we love you that way.​
Since 1916.​

Etam. Feel Free.

For any request, please send an email to the following address:
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